Why Choose Cosmix?

No More Stains

Issues in the past with other products staining your bathtub? Our formula helps reduce the colors staining your bathtub. Scrubbing is a thing of the past, a simple rinse and thats it!

Skin Care

We aren’t just fun colors and designs. Each product uses natural ingredients that help hydrate and soften skin. Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin, so do we, and we use our own products.

CBD Options

Not really sure what the craze is about CBD skin products? With anti-inflammatory properties it can potentially help with many different skin conditions.

What People Saying About Cosmix

“Great product! I have a tub prone to stains, this didnt leave even a film. They use natural ingredients as well.”

Ashlynd – New York

"This is a fantastic product. I ordered in a pinch and I think it's better than what I get from my normal provider. I think I'll switch!"

Shelley | Utah

“My kids LOVE these bath bombs! Lots of color and absolutely no stains on my tub (or my kids).”

Darcy – Georgia

“Love my Bombs!! They don’t leave a film in the tub like the others and they are so relaxing”

Stacey – New York